Dental Implants

Dental implants are placed where the root of the tooth once was and can support a crown, bridge or even a denture. If you are someone who has one or more missing teeth they possibly can be replaced with a dental implant. 

Once in place, they can allow a patient to regain chewing function, and restore the natural form of the dental arch. Bone levels can be maintained with an implant in place instead of being lost due to the tooth being absent. Adequate bone density and detailed home care of the implants are necessary to ensure that they will function properly and last a long time. 

Signs you may need Dental Implants

  • Severely cracked or broken tooth
  • Missing one or more natural teeth
  • Loose fitting partials or dentures
  • Sunken-in look to your facial appearance
  • Issues chewing, eating, or speaking
  • Tooth infection causing severe pain

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Preserves bones and gums
  • Protects healthy teeth by distributing the biting forces
  • Prevents teeth from shifting
  • Will not decay or ever need root canal treatment
  • Increases ability to chew and to speak naturally
  • Eliminates the need for removable dentures
  • More reliable than any other restoration or tooth replacement
  • No need to grind other teeth for fixed replacement
Dental Implant Procedure

Dental implant process has become very simple and fast with the use of 3D treatment planning. Patient needs some xrays and/or scans before going ahead. At Dr. Tejani’s dental studio our Implantologist Dr. Nikita Tejani will thoroughly examine and give best treatment options for implants according to individual needs. 

All the procedure is done under adequate anesthesia to give maximum comfort. We also offer Immediate implant treatment where the implant is placed on the same day of tooth removal, Flapless also known as cut free and stitch free placement which is fast, safe and gives maximum comfort after the treatment. 

All on four, all on six, fully fixed teeth with implants will give freedom from removable dentures. Treatment time may vary from a few days to a few months depending from patient to patient. 

All On 6
Fully Fixed Implant Teeth
Implant Bridge
Implant Bridge
Implant Denture